#1 Lesbians/Bisexual Women/Girls Kissing

Types of men that like this: All

Why not go bold, blunt, blaitant with the first post and state probably one of the most provacative, offensive, sickly to women, but however obvious things that men like.  You’ve all seen it in movies, television, college parties, clubs, hip-hop videos, and in fact has it’s own genre of pornographic films. Men like lesbians/bisexual women/girls kissing.

It is almost unexplainable by most men other than “it turns me on,”  why they absolutely love lesbians. Men aren’t referring to the bond or partnership that exists between two women but of course the physical interaction.  Nothing sparks the sexual interest or mechanics or whatever it is that goes on with men and their sexual drive, more than the act of two girls “doing stuff” to one another.  If any hint of this happening in any situation, whether it was intentional by the the women, a man’s world will stop for it and await it’s occurance.

In college parties, some women may fake their lesbianism and go as far as making out with a good friend of theirs, just to stir up the crowd. For men, this is almost paradise. Once it happens, a roar of beastly men will scream in over appreciation and pleasure usually capturing the attention of every man in that party.  Don’t blame the women that do this, they know it’s utter exploitation of a man’s desire and sexual drive for two women kissing. It’s men’s fault for finding such a small act so sexually invigorating.

Of course the for men, the two (or more) women have to be at least a bit good looking for their taste. Unattractive lesbians/bisexual women completely turn off the lesbian fantasy.

When it comes to pornagraphy, almost in any film there exists at least one scene  where two women will have sexually interaction, and perhaps following a man coming in to join the other, more often than seeing two men having sexual interaction of course.   And most likely most men love to skip to these parts of pornagraphy films. So if you’re ever watching porn with your guy friends (god forbid) or boyfriend/husband, show him a good time or surprise the shit out of him (aka turn him on) by skipping to the portion of the movie where it involves some form of lesbianism. Careful though, if you have no intention of sexually interacting with that guy, it’d be a good idea for you to possibly leave the room or for him to leave the room.

And don’t  you ever believe it if any guy will try to tell you or convince you he is not a fan of lesbians/bisexual women/two girls kissing.  He’s lying to himself, like telling you they do not watch pornagraphy. (a future post). You’ve got to trust, and therefore unfortunately accept, that men do love lesbians. It leads to men and their threesome fantasies. (yet another post).


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  1. 1 Blah
    July 23, 2008 at 3:51 am

    You fucken suck

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