#2 Fight Club

If you take the top 20 movies of all time of pretty much any man, Fight Club is most likely on there. Though not many men have actually read the book prior to watching this film, but yes men love Fight Club. No other movie involves so much expression of mindless hand-hand fighting interaction between men than fight club. The movie itself involves many things that men generally like, and we of course will discuss later in other posts: sex scene, heists/robbery, brad pitt, combat, explosions, blood & violence, funny one-liners. One can actually see the testosterone fluttering in the air in the movie fight club, and in those men that are watching it.

Fight Club wasn’t just another fighting movie with sexy women half naked and what not. It was actually a movie that was intelligent, with intelligent humor but still gave men the sex, violence, and explosions they so desire. People who watched the movie has to actually think and pay attention to everything in order to appreciate the movie for what it is. When we consider other manly movies such as Scarface, 300, Double Impact, among others, though the story may have been important, the action was pretty much all a man needed to pay attention to. Fight Club was a whole lot more than that for men, so in a way, it gave men a way to be intellectual while at the same time maintaining their man-ness, as is sought out by any man.


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